Frequently Asked Questions

When do you accept applications?

We begin accepting applications in September and observe a rolling admissions process.  It is advantageous to you to apply early.

What are the median LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA?

See our class profile for admission statistics.

Does OU Law average multiple LSAT scores?

No.  Your highest LSAT score will be considered for admission and scholarship purposes.

How many people will be in my first-year class?

You can expect around 150 students to be in your class.

What is a section?

A section is how an incoming law class is divided into their first-year classes.  Your section will share the same class schedule, professors and breaks between classes.  Through small, thoughtfully developed sections, you’ll experience camaraderie and cultivate friendships within your first moments in law school that will last for the rest of your legal career.

How many people will be in my section?

The first-year class is grouped into sections of about 40 - 50 students.

What does 1L mean?

The term 1L refers to a first-year law student; the terms 2L and 3L refer to a second and third-year law student, respectively.  You won’t hear a law student referred to as "freshman" or "senior".

Do I need a computer?

OU Law does not require students to purchase a laptop computer. The law school features three computer labs exclusively for the use of OU Law students, and laptops are made available to students for class presentations. However, if you do not own a computer, your ability to participate in some programs, such as student intranet forums and laptop exams, may be limited. If you already own a laptop, OU offers limited free phone support for students via the main campus IT Help Desk at (405) 325-HELP. They also offer fee-based hardware and software support services. The Law Center Information Technology Services office also provides software support for student-owned laptops on a limited basis.

If you wish to purchase a laptop system, you should be aware of a few facts:
   - The Law Center provides only limited software and no hardware support for your system, whether it is a desktop or laptop.
   - Use of laptops in the OU Law Library may be restricted to laptop-authorized areas only.
   - It may not be allowed in your classroom. This is determined by each professor.
For additional details, including computer recommendations and an IT guide for new students, click here.

What areas of concentration are available at OU Law?

We have strengths in oil and gas, energy, Native American, international, administrative practice, human rights, intellectual property, criminal practice, business litigation, civil litigation, business transactions and estate planning law.

Does OU Law offer spring or summer enrollment?

Entering J.D. students may only begin in August, unless they are selected for our 1LS Program which begins in May.  Transfer and visiting students are considered each semester.

What would you recommend for a prospective student to do before selecting a law school?

Visit each law school you’re considering.  Sit in on a class, tour the facilities and talk with actual law students.  The best law school for you is the one wtih the best fit.

How many OU Law students are awarded conditional scholarships?

Please see our ABA Required Disclosures page for this information.