For New Students

This page for new students covers First Week Assignments, Computer Lab Orientation and setting up an OU email account. New students should also read the Computer Recommendations, Computer Labs, Laptop Exams, Law School Network and Student Intranet pages for additional details on services offered to OU Law students.

First Week Assignments and Materials

In law school, your professors will expect you to arrive at the first class session having already read some of the class materials. These reading assignments, along with other First Week Assignments, are posted on the Web a few weeks before the start of each semester.

If you've already activated your OU Law account, you can click here (opens in a new window, OU Law username and password required) to see your personalized First Week Assignments integrated into the Books & Supplements List .

If you haven't activated or do not yet have an OU Law account, you can click here to see the public First Week Assignments list or click here to see the public Books & Supplements list.

Computer Lab Orientation

Some of OU Law resources, such as the Student Computer Labs and Wireless Network, will be unavailable to you until you complete the Computer Lab Orientation.

Early Admissions Program, 1L and transfer students will be e-mailed a link to activate their OU Law accounts and participate in an online orientation after their admissions deposits are received.

For visiting law students and LL.M. students, the username and password will be provided during orientation the week before Fall classes start. For visitors who join the College in the Spring or Summer semesters, you will need to contact OU Law IT to make arrangements for your Computer Lab Orientation.

OU Email Account

As a student at The University of Oklahoma, you automatically receive an e-mail account provided and supported by Main Campus IT. This service is not managed by OU Law IT, but here is some information to help you get started.

How to Set Up OU Email

  1. Visit to activate your OUNet Account.
  2. Go to and log in with your OUNetID. Please note your e-mail login is not your e-mail address.
  3. Before using your OU email account, you will be asked to change the password and set up the email alias that you want to use.

Tips and Advice

  • If you cannot activate your OUNet Account online, please call the main campus IT Help Desk at (405) 325-4357 or visit their Support Web site at for assistance.
  • Access to your email account is governed by your OUNet account, which consists of the first four letters of your last name plus four digits generated by Main Campus IT, so this step must be completed first.
  • There will be a delay between the time you are accepted into the College of Law and the time that Main Campus IT generates your OUNet account.
  • Your OUNetID should be the same as your Computer Lab Username, although the password will be different, because the accounts are maintained separately.
  • If you were recently a student at OU, your username and password should not have changed. Try logging in from that page; if you cannot, try using the New Users link.
  • All students at The University of Oklahoma receive a default e-mail address (alias) of the form, which defaults to your University-provided POP account. You may change the alias on your account via the  web page.
  • You can forward your OU e-mail to an off-campus account (such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL). However, both the University and the College of Law strongly recommend checking your OU e-mail via your University-provided e-mail account, rather than forwarding it to an off-campus account. Experience has shown that e-mail forwarded to off-campus accounts does not always arrive at those accounts in a timely manner -- or sometimes at all.
  • You may access your OU email from any web browser by going to the OU Mail Webmail page at You'll be required to enter your OUNetID and password. Further, you may want to set up e-mail at home through Netscape, Thunderbird, Internet Explorer, Eudora, etc. For help, call the main campus IT Help Desk at (405) 325-4357 or visit their Support Web site at